Alaska has an oil production problem

Since ACES was enacted, oil production has declined well beyond what was forecast. Without substantial changes to the oil tax structure, Alaskans stand to lose billions in revenue from oil that stays in the ground and is never produced. AOGA’s members are eager to put Alaskans to work producing the state’s billions of barrels of recoverable oil, but meaningful changes to the state’s tax structure are needed to attract the necessary investment.

Time to get involved

The 2013 legislative session is underway, and it is clear that oil taxes will be at the forefront of discussion among lawmakers and the administration. AOGA agrees that changes to Alaska’s oil tax structure must be made soon, and that time is of the essence. With fewer barrels than ever traveling down the Trans-Alaska pipeline, we must take bold action now to stem the decline and ensure that the state’s economic driver is healthy for years to come.

Please check this website regularly for updates on developments in Juneau as they relate to reforming Alaska’s oil taxes.

AOGA's television ad featuring Don Gray of ASRC Energy Services

AOGA's television ad featuring Bonnie Smith of Pioneer Natural Resources