ANCHORAGE – September 12, 2019 – Our statement on today’s ANWR news: “While we analyze the 500+ page Final EIS, we are encouraged the Department of Interior has issued a decision that directs BLM to conduct 2 leases sales by the end of 2024. The industry has long supported access in federal lands, including the coastal plain of ANWR.

While a lease sale does not guarantee development, Alaskans have long supported opening this small portion of ANWR, with more than two-thirds of residents expressing support in 2019. The Coastal Plain offers tremendous opportunity including ten billion barrels of oil, hundreds of jobs, and increased economic activity across the state. Alaskans remain confident that ANWR can be developed safely and responsibly, because we’ve seen industry and the environment co-exist on the North Slope for more than 40 years.”

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