The Alaska Oil and Gas Association (AOGA) has been very active in monitoring several environmental and wildlife issues in Alaska. We will be providing further information, so check back for more updates.

01/31/2020 AOGA Comments to NMFS on Proposed Rule to Designate Critical Habitat for the Central America, Mexico, and Western North Pacific Distinct Population Segments of Humpback Whales
01/13/2020 AOGA Comments to DLWD on Pressure Relief Testing
01/03/2020 AOGA Comments on 2019 Adoption Updates, Standard Permit Conditions, Pre-Approved Emissions Limit
04/30/2019 AOGA/API Comments in Support of State and Local Government and Alaska Native Community Petition to Delist the Arctic Ringed Seal under the ESA
04/19/2019 Multi-Organization Letter of Support to (S)RES on SB 51, Natural Resource Water Nomination/Designation
01/04/2019 AOGA Comments on Beaufort Sea EIS Scoping
12/17/2018 AOGA Comments on Draft 2018 Marine Mammal Stock Assessment Reports NOAA-NMFS-2018-0086
12/17/2018 AOGA Comments on Emission Standards for New Reconstructed and Modified Sources Reconsideration
11/27/2018 AOGA Comments to AOGCC on 2018 Bonding Second Round
09/26/2017 Broad range of Alaska organizations support the State's rejection of disastrous, anti-development ballot initiative
03/09/2017 AOGA Letter of Support to Senator Micciche on SB 64, Uniform Environmental Covenants Act
02/01/2017 AOGA Letter to Representative Westlake in support of HJR 5, ANWR
12/30/2016 AOGA Comments to BLM on Draft Northeastern NPR-A Regional Mitigation Strategy
12/22/2016 AOGA Comments to AOGCC on Proposed Amendment to 20 AAC 25.280(F) Hydraulic fracturing (12/22/16)
12/13/2016 AOGA Presentation on "AOGCC Hydraulic Fracturing Regulations (12/13/16)
11/21/2016 AOGA/IAGC/API Comments to NMFS on Final Environmental Impact Statement for Effects of Oil and Gas Activities in the Arctic Ocean
11/17/2016 AOGA Comments to ADEC on APDES
10/17/2016 AOGA Comments to USFWS on Draft Endangered Species Act Compensatory Mitigation Policy Docket
09/27/2016 AOGA Comments to AOGCC on Proposed Revisions to 20 AAC 25.022 - 20 AAC 25.990
09/21/2016 AOGA Testimony by Joshua Kindred to U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Fisheries, Water and Wildlife Subcommittee: "Proposed revisions to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Mitigation Policy"
09/18/2016 AOGA/API Comments on the Draft Polar Bear Conservation Management Plan
07/07/2016 AOGA Press Release: New Arctic Regulations will deter Arctic investment, development
06/20/2016 AOGA Comments to BOEM on Air Quality Control, Reporting and Compliance
06/20/2016 AOGA Comments to NMFS on Takes of Marine Mammals Incidental to Specified Activities; Taking Marine Mammals Incidental to an Anchor Retrieval Program in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas
06/14/2016 AOGA Comments to US ACE on Methodology for Assessing Functional Gains and Losses for Permittee Responsible Compensatory Mitigation and Calculating Compensatory Mitigation Credits & Debits for Third Party Mitigation Providers in the Alaska District
06/13/2016 AOGA Comments to USFWS on Proposed Revisions to the USFWS's Mitigation Policy
05/02/2016 Trade Association's comments to USFWS on Draft PEIS on the OCS OIl and Gas Leasing Program: 2017-2022
03/30/2016 AOGA Comments to NMFS on Comments on Proposed Changes to Draft Guidance for Assessing the Effects of Anthropogenic Sound on Marine Mammal Hearing
01/08/2016 AOGA Comments to DEC on Well Waste Disposal
12/11/2015 AOGA Comments to DEC on Contaminated Sites
12/04/2015 AOGA Comments on Source Determination for Certain Emission Units in the Oil and Natural Gas Sector
12/04/2015 AOGA Comments to EPA on Proposed Rulemaking - Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources: Oil and Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution
10/27/2015 AOGA Comments to EPA on Revision to the Guideline on Air Quality Models: Enhancements to the AERMOD Dispersion Modeling System and Incorporation of Approaches to Address Ozone and Fine Particulate Matter
07/07/2015 AOGA Statement on "Judge Gleason throws out every argument made by anti-industry groups' lawsuit
07/02/2015 AOGA Statement on the draft Polar Bear Conservation Management Plan
10/27/2014 AOGA Comments on Cook Inlet Risk Assessment
02/19/2014 AOGA Comments to DEC on Geotechnical Permit
10/12/2012 AOGA/AMA Comments on Small Remote Incinerators
08/09/2012 AOGA Comments on Proposed Amendments to RICE NESHAP, Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2008-0708
05/04/2012 AOGA Testimony for EPA Watershed Assessment
03/30/2012 AOGA Comments on Proposed Reissuance of the NPDES General Permits for Oil and Gas Exploration Facilities on the OCS and Contiguous State Waters in the Beaufort Sea and on the OCS in the Chukchi Sea
03/28/2012 AOGA Comments on Draft National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan
02/28/2012 AOGA Comments to NMFS on DEIS for Effects of Oil & Gas Activities in the Arctic Ocean (RIN 0648-XA885)
02/21/2012 AOGA Comments on EPA Proposed Rule; Reconsideration of Final Rule – Commercial and Industrial & Industrial Solid Waste Incineration Units: Reconsideration & Proposed Amendments; Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials That Are Solid Waste – Docket ID No. EPA-HQ
02/13/2012 AOGA/API Comments on Status Review for the Ribbon Seal, NOAA-NMFS-2011-0249-
01/18/2012 AOGA-Comments Point Thomson DEIS
10/17/2011 AOGA Comments on Title V Standard Application Forms Package Included with the Public Comment Draft version of 18 AAC 50 dated August 25, 2011
09/06/2011 AOGA Comments on Shell/Kulluk Clean Air Acts Permit
05/20/2011 AOGA Petition for Reconsideration-40 CFR 63 Subpart JJJJJJ Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Area Sources: Industrial Commercial, and Institutional Boilers (Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2006-0790).
05/20/2011 AOGA/AMA Petition for Reconsideration to EPA on Standards of Performance for New Sources and Emissions Guidelines for Existing Sources: Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration Units-Docket No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2003-0119
04/11/2011 AOGA Comments to USFWS Beaufort Sea Incidental Take Regulations
03/25/2011 AOGA/API comments on NMFS Proposed Rules to List Subspecies of the Ringed Seal and the Bearded Seal as “Threatened” Under the ESA
03/24/2011 AOGA Comments on ADEC’s proposal to adopt regulation changes in 18 AAC 50 dealing with Air Quality Control, including new SILs for 1-hour sulfur dioxide in 18 AAC 50.215
03/11/2011 AOGA Letter to ADEC Regarding Proposal to Postpone Transition of Primacy for the NPDES Program for the Oil and Gas Sector Until June 30, 2013.
03/07/2011 AOGA Testimony to BOEMRE on Ringed-Bearded Seals
02/28/2011 AOGA Comments to ADEC on Draft Title V Operating Permit No. AQ0190TVP02 Cook Inlet Pipe Line Company Drift River Terminal and Christy Lee Loading Platform
10/12/2010 AOGA Addendum to Petition for Promulgation of Regulations Pursuant to Section 101(a)(5) of the Marine Mammal Protection Act
09/23/2010 AOGA Testimony on Scoping Stage NPR-A Integrated Activity Plan/Environmental Impact Statement
08/23/2010 AOGA Comments on Area MACT Boiler Rule
08/23/2010 AOGA Comments on Proposed Commercial & Industrial Solid Waste Incineration Regulations
08/03/2010 AOGA Comments on ADEC Proposed Amendments to 18 AAC 50
07/06/2010 AOGA & API Comments to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service regarding Proposed Rule to Designate Critical Habitat for the Polar Bear
06/15/2010 AOGA Testimony to U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service on Polar Bear Critical Habitat Proposal and Draft Economic Analysis - Anchorage
06/11/2010 AOGA Comments to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on 40 CFR Part 98, Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gases: Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems; Proposed Rule
05/26/2010 AOGA Comments to Natonal Marine Fisheries Service on December 2, 2009 Proposed Rule Designating Critical Habitat for the Cook Inlet Beluga Whale (74 Fed. Reg. 63,080)
12/23/2009 AOGA Comments on Proposed Rule to Designate Critical Habitat for the Polar Bear
11/30/2007 AOGA Comments to ADEC-SPR on Proposed Revisions to the Oil and Other Hazardous Substances Pollution Control Regulations in 18 AAC 75 (11/30/07)
07/30/2007 AOGA/API/NOIA Comments to NMFS on Seismic Surveys in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, Alaska - Draft Programmatic EIS
12/22/2001 AOGA Comments to AOGCC on comments relating to the proposed modification to 20 AAC 25.280(F) ("proposed modiificiation")